Production Associate III – Assembly III

Electri-cord Mfg. Co.

Production Associates (PA) follow work instructions to prepare material for further use in the production process or produce material which is sent directly to the customer. Production Associates are encouraged to learn all aspects of the manufacturing process which may involve computer use, manipulating or cutting wire, operating equipment and molding machines, using hand tools, using soldering equipment, testing product, reading and using work instructions and prints, inspecting product, assembling, building, labeling or packing product.

There are three levels to which an ECM Production Associate may aspire, beginning with Level I. Each succeeding level, up through Level III, requires more knowledge and skill. Once trained, excellent performance is required on every task at every level.

Although learning and moving to higher Associate levels are highly encouraged, moving beyond Associate I or II is not required. However, the skills build on one another, and a training path is provided. Skills needs for growth within PA levels are displayed on the Production Associate Training Matrix.

A general description of the steps within each PA level:

* Step 1:  The PA is learning a skill and has a designated trainer (often a Cell

Champion). This step is entry level. When a trainer determines an Associate is

trained in a skill, s/he may work independently as s/he achieves proficiency.

* Step 2: Once proficient, the PA may be certified in the skill / operation.

* Step 3: After completing a Train the Trainer class, the PA may train others in that

particular skill.

Production Associates at all levels give constant attention to the quality of work and material,

while also attending to safety, housekeeping, and time efficiency.

General skill progression:

a) Build sub-assemblies and build product with supervision.

b) Assemble/build kitted product independently. Test product with supervision. Mid-

level knowledge and use of standards such as: UL508A, UL698A and IPC-A-620B

Class 3.

c) Perform all sized custom builds and electrical testing independently. Train others.

Advanced knowledge and use of electrical standards such as: UL508A and UL698A.

General Responsibilities in High Level Assembly:

* Review work activities with Cell Champion / Production Supervisor.

* Read and interpret drawings, diagrams, blueprints, specifications, and work


* Verify dimensions and clearances of parts to ensure conformance to blueprint

specifications, using instruments, such as micrometers, calipers, and height gauges

* Assemble electrical or electronic systems or support structures and install

components, units, subassemblies, wiring, or assembly casings, using rivets, bolts,

or soldering equipment.

* Build products such as power panels and large power units.

* Populate or modify/replace components.

* Solve problems.

* Prevent and correct defects.

* Inspect wiring installations, assemblies, and circuits.

* Test product to ensure conformance to specifications.

*Required Education, Skills, Experience, and Certifications:  (Job Minimums)

Note: All job requirements must be specific, realistic, and defensible.

1. Education: High School Diploma / GED / or equivalent

2. Experience:

o Appropriate ECM Production Associate qualifications

*Required Education, Skills, Experience, and Certifications:  (Job Minimums)  

o If hiring from the outside, 5 years’ hands-on experience in electrical technology or

the wire harness industry

3. Knowledge and Technical Skills:

* In-depth hands-on experience in the wire harness industry

* Basic reading and writing and comprehension skills

* Arithmetic skills for measurement: (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,


* Ability to measure using decimals and fractions

* Ability to read and use metric measurements

4. Tools able to use: rulers; basic computer use, hand tools

5. Software:

6. Language: English

7. Certifications:

Preferred | Ideal Education, Skills, Experience or Certifications:

1. Education: High School Diploma / GED

2. Experience: previous work experience

3. Knowledge and Technical Skills:

* Soldering experience

* Ability to read prints and schematics

* Basic electrical testing equipment

4. Tools able to use: micrometers, hand crimping tools

5. Software:

6. Language: Conversational and reading skill in English

7. Certifications:

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