Production Associate II – Assembly II

Electri-Cord Mfg. Co.

Overall Responsibilities:


Production Associates (PA) follow work instructions to prepare material for further use in the production process or produce material which is sent directly to the customer. Production Associates are encouraged to learn all aspects of the manufacturing process which may involve computer use, manipulating or cutting wire, operating equipment, using hand tools, soldering, testing product, reading and using work instructions or prints, inspecting product, assembling, building, labeling or packing product. Production Associates at all levels give constant attention to the quality of work and material, while also attending to safety, housekeeping, and time efficiency.


Key Areas of Responsibility and Essentail Position Function:


Giving attention to safety, housekeeping, time efficiency and materials applies to all processes:

  •  Ensure the workplace is consistently clean and orderly and is free of hazards.
  •  Check for quality defects and inform Supervision / management for corrective action.
  •  Report time, production, materials used, and other data relative to the job accurately and in the manner prescribed. Work Instructions, Job Travelers and SOPs:

• Read and use complex work instructions, Job Travelers and SOPs.

  •  Read and use customer or ECM prints.

• Read and use wire diagrams. All Key Areas of Responsibility and Essential Position Functions of:


  •  Production Associate I – Assembly I Tools:

• Advanced Knowledge and Awareness in use of hand tools.

  •  Stripping/Crimping
  •  Torque Wrenches and calibration
  •  Hand Tools (i.e. pliers, drivers, sockets, manual and electric screwdrivers etc.)
  •  Insertion/extraction tools
  •  Power Tools
  •  Selection of proper bit type and size


Marking / Labeling Process:

• Follow complex instructions to apply labels properly to product.

  •  Cable tags, terminal block markers and other cable and component marking.


Assemble, Build Harnesses and Enclosure/Panel Assemblies:

• Understand complex wire routing.

  •  Using a product model, a kit, work instructions, and / or a simple diagram:

• Prepare wires and all other materials.

  •  Set up the project on a board or bench, as necessary.
  •  Insert terms into housings.
  •  Assemble and/or build according to customer/engineering schematic (i.e. wiring diagram)


Test Product •

Operate custom testing equipment.

  •  Maintain records of all tests.
  •  Ensure that defective product is dispositioned properly.



  •  Assemble various packaging solutions according to work instructions.

• Pack according to work instructions.

  •  Move packages to Shipping.
  •  Place Job Traveler in designated area.
  •  Conduct product inspections, pack product according to work instructions.
  •  Use of automated paper packaging equipment.


Ability to:

  •  Work in team environment.
  •  Adapt to change quickly.

• Deal with a high stress environments.

  •  Intermediate awareness and use of IPC manual to support tasks independently.


Perform other duties as assigned.


Required Education, Skills, Experience, and Certifications:


  1. Diploma / GED / or equivalent
  2. Experience: Fully qualified Education: High School as an ECM Production Associate I, or equivalent work experience.
  3. Knowledge and Technical Skills: o Basic reading and writing and comprehension skills o Arithmetic skills for measurement: (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions)
  4. Tools able to use: Measuring Tools; basic computer use, hand crimping tools
  5. Software:
  6. Language: English
  7. Certifications: IPC